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Committee Information

NCBWSML Committees:

Bylaws Committee

This committee is responsible for regular review of the bylaws, submitting proposed changes to the membership for a vote, and submission to the national office.  The chapter appointed parliamentarian is the chairperson of this committee.  Meetings are normally held monthly for a 6-month period.

Advocacy and Civic Engagement

This committee is responsible holding programs, championing initiatives and fighting for legislation that supports the national advocacy agenda. Topics include voting rights, fighting domestic violence, pushing for equal pay, and better gun legislation among others.  Meetings are normally held monthly.

Finance Committee

This committee is led by the Treasurer and Financial Secretary, and is responsible for setting the annual budget and enforcing the financial protocol and procedures outlined by the National office.  Meetings are normally held monthly.  The annual proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year is presented to the chapter members for vote in June of the preceding fiscal year.

Fundraising Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing Fundraisers and seeking donations and grants to help financially support the chapter’s programs and activities. The chairperson of this committee is the 2nd VP of Finance and Funds Development.  Meetings are normally held monthly.

Membership and Chapter Development

This committee is charged with leading efforts to: 1) host meet and greet sessions to recruit new members; 2) review prospective member applications and conduct interviews; 3) coordinate member fellowship activities; and, 4) send benevolent messages to membership (i.e. birthdays, sympathy, congratulatory, etc.).

Policy and Procedures Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing and updating the chapter policy and procedures manual.  The committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian and meets monthly for a 6-month period.

Public Relations Committee

This committee is responsible for all of the public and social media content that promotes chapter activities.  This committee also creates and publishes press releases and makes updates to the chapter website.  Meetings are normally held monthly.

Education Committee

Plan and execute seminars or work sessions for college preparedness, attend local school board meetings, plan college tours for Young 100, assist in identifying educational funds (i.e. scholarships, grants, etc.), work with local and national PTA, and address educational disparities in our community. Meetings are held monthly.

Economic Empowerment Committee

Plan and execute financial literacy programs and seminars to help promote financial independence, wealth building and entrepreneurship among women in our community.  Signature national initiative is “$isternomics”. Meetings are held monthly.

Health Committee

Plan and execute annual health fair, HIV testing day, World AIDS day, and health seminars for women and children that focus on diseases and maladies that affect Black communities disproportionately.  Meetings are held monthly.

Young 100 Committee

This is the chapter’s signature mentoring program for young black girls beginning with middle school and throughout high school.  Focus is on S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) activities and careers.  Meetings are held with the committee monthly and a separate meeting with the mentees monthly.

Annual Women’s Empowerment Event

This is a special committee that is charged with planning and executing the annual Empowerment Event which normally includes a fundraiser component for the Young 100 scholarship and the Bold and Fearless Awards to recognize those in the community working on the same initiatives as the coalition in the areas of education, economic empowerment, health and public policy. This committee meets as needed to plan the event (normally monthly for 6 months)

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