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Executive Board


Executive Board Members

Cecilia Anderson, President

Denise Mundy, 1st Vice President of Programs

Dr. Dahna Batts, 2nd Vice President of Finance & Fund Development

Belinda Houston, 3rd Vice President of Membership and Chapter Development

Valerie Hindsman, Treasurer

Nicole Bowen, Secretary

Lisa Mullins, Financial Secretary

Treva Jones, Nominating Chair

Board of Directors

Dr. Damienne Denham Shabazz
Sandra Vance
Chayako Williams
Dr. Valarie Wilson

Appointed Officers

Ladonya Horton, Esq., Parliamentarian
Dr. Charlotte Dudley, Chaplain
Treva Jones, Historian

"Empowered women empower women. Together, as sisters, we stand united, uplifted, and committed to the shared mission of strength, resilience, and positive change. Our bond is our foundation, and our collective journey is a testament to the extraordinary power of sisterhood."

S. T. R. O. N. G. – Share, Thrive, Renew, Oneness, Nurture, Growth

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